Welcome to the website of the INTERMECHANIK GmbH, Paderborn/Germany. We are a global service provider for the assembly and maintenance of extraction facilities and sorter technologies.

Our competent and flexible team is at your disposal. Please do not hesitate to contact us for specific information.

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Our Company:

The members of our team have a 10 years track record in constructing, dismantling, producing, maintaining and repairing industrial plants of different kinds and sizes.

Sorter and distribution systems as well as storage systems are the main focus areas of our work. Our commitment is based on the necessary technical skills and the relevant know-how in engineering (lathing, milling, welding, founding etc.) and electrical engineering.

Our teams are highly flexible and motivated. They work fast and efficiently at every location in the world where you may need them. We do have first-hand experience in working in different settings in Europe, North America and Asia.

Above all: we are at your disposal 24/7. All it takes to get us moving is a phone call. We believe that this is the best expression of our willingness to perform even under adverse circumstances.